Peripheral pumps

Peripheral pumps for sale

Peripheral pumps are good to use for:

They can handle cavitation:

Peripheral pumps can handle air within the pumped fluid; some centrifugal pumps will be damaged or stop operating with the presence of air pockets. Peripheral pumps can be convenient because many versions have self priming capabilities.


Peripheral pumps are small and compact, they can be installed in more places requiring less space.

Pressurized water delivery

They can put out low flow rates at high pressure which is exactly what you want when showering or washing a car. This is in conjunction with low axial thrust which ensures a long lifespan when used properly.

What are peripheral pumps?

A peripheral pump is a type of centrifugal pump. The impeller of a typical peripheral pump has a large number of small radial vanes on either side of its surface. As the impeller rotates the liquid is pushed along by the vanes and the casing of the pump. Pressure builds up as more water is pushed into the casing. Because they're typically designed for clean water they are designed with narrow gaps between the impeller and pump casing. On the other hand this means any solids would stop the impeller.

What are peripheral pumps used for?

Peripheral pumps are usually small and thus used appropriately in small scale solution. Typical domestic situations where a peripheral pump could be used:
water filtration systems, jetting (high pressure cleaning), fluid transfer, fountains, water pressure boosting etc.

Beware of these characteristics of peripheral pumps

  1. The shaft power of a peripheral pump decreases with increasing capacity.
  2. Just because they can fit into a cabinet doesn't mean it should. Peripheral pumps can be quite noisy while running.
  3. Compared to other specialized pumps the efficiency of peripheral pumps can be quite low.

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