Maintenance SLA

SuperPump's Maintenance Service Level Agreement

Superpump water pumps offers SLA's (service level agreements) for inspection and maintenance of your water pumps. Out SLA's are good for ensuring your water pump does not suddenly stop working. Symptomatic issues found on your water pumps can be addressed before they lead to further damage which prevents down-time and prolongs the pumps lifespan.

What is an Service level agreement ?

service-level agreement (SLA) is a promise between a service provider and a client. A SLA should be supported by a contract which should cover topics of quality, availability and responsibilities. Stated in the SLA services should be provided to the customer as agreed upon in the contract.

Superpump provides a customer based SLAs which is a agreement with an individual or customer group, covering all the services they would like covered and on what time frame.

Why get a SLA ?

Every pump needs regular checking and servicing to ensure a long problem free solution. The chances of your pump breaking down is always there, sudden issues can happen however if your pump was properly installed the chances of sudden, unexpected issues are much lower.
Still with age a water pump begins to loose it's efficiency and starts to wear out, but maintaining the pump and inspecting it on a regular basis you can get ahead of repairs and break downs. If you are dependant on your water pumps or do not want to face down-time it would be a good idea to get a SLA.

Superpump takes care of all the inspections, repairs and maintenance of your pumps. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.