Knife Gate Valve

What is a Knife gate valve ?

Knife Gate ValveA Knife Gate Valve is a specific type of gate valve with a specific use case and design in mind. Knife gate valves are uni-directional or bi-directional valves designed for general industrial applications.

What are Knife gate valves used for ?

These special gate valves are used to slice through sludge or sewerage because other valves can often get jammed or blocked due to the solids in the liquids. The gate is also used for normal shut off of the pipeline. It is a gate valve whose design is distinguished from the standard gate valve: key differences are the use of a simple metal plate for the gate and the absence of a bonnet.
Knife gate valves are used for pressure tight separation of solid-liquid mixes in water. Typically seen in sites of waste water treatment plants, waste water pumping stations, paper and pulp plants, power plants and in the mining industry.