Grooved End Butterfly Valve

Grooved end butterfly valves for fire protection

LEVEL GROOVED BUTTERFLY VALVE-NANAN MINTAI FIRE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.Superpump also offers grooved end butterfly valves which are characterized by their grooved ends. The valves are rated to 21 bar or 300 PSI but each size and type has their own ratting make sure before using the valve in high pressure applications.

They can be mounted with a worm gear to lower their working torque  needed for making it easier to manually open and close the valve. The ductile iron disc is fully vulcanized and all exterior surfaces are protected with fusion bonded epoxy.

Grooved end butterfly valves are attached to the pipes and pipeline systems using standard clamping couplings. The grooved end clamping system is commonly used for indoor fire protection systems because it is a fast and efficient way of joining pipes. The clamping method for joining a grooved end valve is beneficial due to its high degree of flexibility and it absorbs vibrations and noise transmission through the system.