Coelbo digital pressure switches

Digital Pressure Switch

A pressure switch is a device that gives signals to a pump to start or stop it from running.② Automatische afslag voor waterpomp - Machines en Bouw | Pompen en  Compressoren | 2dehands It is designed to work with two pressure settings: there is the cut-in pressure and the cut-off pressure. The cut-in pressure will be the pressure setting where electronic signals are sent to turn on the pump and the cut-off pressure is when signals are again sent to turn off the pump. They can also be used to deliver constant pressure. In general, pressure switches are used in areas where stability is required. Digital Pressure Switches also come with protection against dry running, protection against cycling and overload protection.

COELBO has been producing water pressure switches for more than 25 years as well as a full range of electronic devices. From basic devices based on press-controlflow-control or pressure-dependent with a single pump which is for single family dwelling, small communities or other specific applications, also sophisticated INVERTERS for multi-pump boosting hydraulic installations in blocks of flats, hotels, residential centers, sports centers and so on.

The most advanced devices have integrated intelligent software allowing an easy and intuitive configuration through a multifunction LCD screen, once it is activated, it manages and protects the pump set, analyzing periodically the operating conditions and acting instantaneously if some failure could damage any of the electric pumps.

In order to perform these functions accurately, it has been integrated all the hydraulic, electrical and electronic elements necessary such as flow sensors, pressure gauges, transducers, indicators of frequency, pressure, intensity, led lights, pushbuttons, etc.


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