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Borehole pumps and motors for sale

SuperPump Water pumps is a premium supplier of all borehole pumps and motors, to extract ground water from deep wells for home or agricultural, construction or commercial use.

A complete borehole pump consists of two parts that works together to pump water from a borehole, water well, or deep well, to the surface.

The first part is a borehole pump, also known as the wet end. This have several stages or impellers that moves the water to the surface

To move the pump and impellers you need a borehole motor, that fits your specific pump. Different combinations of pumps and motors, will give you different delivery curves. The motor also comes standard with a control box, specific to the size and make of motor.

One still needs a base plate, borehole casings, submersible cables, safety rope and HDPE pipes to complete the borehole installation.

Optionally a water storage tank might also be required, to store water in case there is a power failure, so a person will still have water in the tank.

Of course, as you would expect, we can supply all of the above.

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